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Group Investing

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Group Investing

Interested in investing in property, but don’t know where to start? Our experience and in-depth knowledge of real estate can assist clients who wish to invest in property, but who are unsure of what current or projected trends mean in terms of the market’s prospects. Additionally, we provide syndication management.

So what is Group Investing about?

Purchasing a property or group of properties is a big investment, so joining a group of investors can be beneficial. The advantage of group investing is in the diversification of risk, by spreading your assets in different properties.

What We Do

We can advise and assist with group investing. We are available to plan and manage your group’s assets on a fee basis. You can also join one of our groups when we identify a viable opportunity. Our company provides administration on property management, maintenance, and marketing the property.

There are two basic options currently offered to our clients.

Mortgages – we invest in short-term mortgage loans secured by deeds of trust.

Property ownership – we invest in income producing properties, and this option is individualized to meet the objectives of clients who are grouped with other clients sharing similar goals.

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